Veteran Transition Services

We are honored to offer transition coaching and courses for military personnel as they prepare to transition from military to civilian life.  



David was a career Marine who spent most of his time in the supply management field with an extended four-year tour on recruiting duty and a four-year tour as an Equal Opportunity Advisor.  Throughout this time, he was deployed on several occasions, including to Iraq, as well as on board the USS Essex.  He understands, has observed, and experienced first-hand the challenges veterans face adjusting to life after the military.


David’s focus is to design and deliver engaging courses to assist transitioning veterans with expanding their comfort zone and maximizing their opportunity for growth and development.  It is important to David to connect with his fellow veterans and provide them with successful techniques for becoming a part of and leading teams outside of a military culture.



The transition from a combat zone to life after the military can be particularly difficult, adding to the larger challenge of adjusting to society and seeking employment.  As veterans approach their transition from military life to society, there are many critical aspects to consider, from appropriate business attire to resume building to seeking employment.  

Often, there are skills that are taken for granted such as communication in a non-military workplace, appropriate workplace behaviors and more.  DGC Advisors serves to provide veterans with transition coaching and skill-building in these over-looked areas.

transition coaching and courses

DGC Advisors provides individual and group transition coaching for communication, behaviors, resume writing and more.  In addition to coaching and customizable workshops, DGC Advisors offers several courses to aid veterans in preparing to rejoin a civilian workforce.  

Courses include:

  • Leading Through the Next Life
  • Generations in Today's Workforce
  • Leading Diverse Teams


If you are interested in any of our transition courses or hosting a customized workshop or coaching session, please contact us for more information and to set up your complimentary consultation.

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