DGC Advisors specializes in the design, development, and delivery of customized business solutions that transform organizations and their people.  Through a variety of customizable courses, assessments, and services, we work with your team to discover and address business needs in the interest of organizational transformation.  


Veteran transition 

The transition from military service to civilian life presents men and women with many unanticipated challenges.  While support exists for logistical changes and needs such as resume building and wardrobe considerations, understanding differences with communication, leadership styles, and conflict resolution can leave veterans feeling frustrated with adapting to a new culture.    

DGC Advisors has developed a program based on life experience, personal struggles, and career development principles designed to assist veterans with making a smooth transition from military service back into society.  We offer one-on-one and group-style coaching and workshops with a more realistic approach to transitioning and understanding the various industries and leadership positions.  This program addresses case studies that involve veterans' experiences and struggles during their transition.    


leadership development

Leadership is not just for supervisors anymore.  The importance of having employees with leadership skills at all levels of the organization cannot be over-emphasized.  From communication to conflict resolution; from trust to authentic leadership, there are so many ways for organizations to encourage and support employees as leaders.  

To aid organizations that seek to start grooming employees before they become supervisors, DGC Advisors offers a variety of leadership and emerging leader courses designed to align positive leadership behaviors with the values and vision of the organization.  These courses bring tremendous value to the culture of the organization by minimizing employee relations issues and developing better equipped leaders who can successfully resolve situations without the use of progressive discipline.  

diversity and inclusion

Most organizations provide diversity training for their employees, typically through e-learning.  This approach often "checks the box" yet leaves diversity goals unmet and often creates even more questions regarding individual perceptions around diversity and inclusion.  For organizations who strive to provide more than just training and truly embed diversity as part of their culture, DGC Advisors will help develop a strategy that will enhance the recruiting process, highlight and market the organization as an industry leader in inclusivity, and bring awareness and education to the hiring process.