Leadership Development

We believe in an authentic, lead-by-example leadership model that asks those in positions of power to be self-aware and open to accountability.  Our off-the-shelf and customizable courses offer organizations the opportunity to target specific leadership needs or take a more visionary approach to leadership. 



In any team-focused project, the strengths of individuals can get lost in the process the moment the project begins.  One of the crucial elements for success is to consider and understand the strengths of individual team members prior to beginning  any team project.  Our team-building sessions are designed to not only provide individuals with their own strengths, but also with an opportunity to understand the strengths of the team as a whole and effectively apply them to a project.  

To achieve this, StrengthsFinder 2.0 is deployed to the team to assess their strengths and DGC Advisors provides the strategy to collectively bring those strengths to flourishing.  


Cultural intelligence

Individuals who are culturally intelligent have developed skills in four capabilities:  Drive (motivation), Knowledge (cognition), Strategy (metacognition), and Action (behavioral). This cultural intelligence (CQ) course is an extraordinary opportunity for participants to learn more about their own four capabilities so they can be more prepared and aware when working in culturally diverse situations.  

This course, developed based on the book, Driven by Difference, by David Livermore, will help participants define the behaviors needed to obtain the four capabilities and determine how to become more aware of cultural differences in the workplace.  


Civil Treatment

Do you hear or see things around your workplace that you feel may not be appropriate?  Do you wonder what your responsibilities are when it comes to inappropriate workplace banter and behaviors?  Are you looking for ways to influence a positive work culture?

This highly interactive and engaging course is designed for employees with the desire to understand and influence workplace culture through positive workplace behaviors.  This course provides employees with the tools necessary to understand and address challenging situations in the workplace.  By incorporating the concepts of Civil Treatment on a daily basis, employees and leaders will promote positive results for their teams, organization, and themselves.

DGC Advisors is proud to offer both of the Employee Learning Innovations courses of Civil Treatment for Leaders and Civil Treatment for Employees to assist organizations with tackling challenging workplace norms and addressing inappropriate behavior before it becomes illegal.  


customizable courses

DGC Advisors provides customized courses based on a meticulous and collaborative assessment with the client that identifies opportunities and challenges within norms, processes, or personnel relationships.  The right business solution for the situation is determined based upon the results of the assessment and an effective implementation plan is developed to support the organization with achieving its goals.


off-the-shelf courses

DGC advisors is certified to provide organizations with several impactful and highly regarded leadership courses including The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Franklin Covey), Leading at the Speed of Trust (Franklin Covey), Project Management (Franklin Covey), FOCUS (Franklin Covey), Genuine Leadership (Achieve Global), Crucial Conversations (Vital Smarts), and Influencer (Vital Smarts).  

If you are interested in bringing one of our courses or a customized workshop to your organization, please Contact Us for more information.  

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