Diversity and Inclusion

DGC Advisors understands the importance of diversity and inclusion in today's workplace and offers three courses to assist organizations with developing and promoting inclusive environments.  In addition, we can customize diversity-focused workshops to best address the unique challenges each organization may be facing.    


Diversity 101

Diversity 101 is a half-day course designed to bring a foundational approach to understanding the individual's core values and belief systems while engaging participants with conversations around their perspectives regarding race, religion and gender relations in the workplace.   This course revolves around pushing individuals to understand their own unconscious biases as they pertain to these and other diversity issues.  

Leading through Diversity

This course provides supervisors with an understanding of their own socialization process, unconscious bias, and the potential impact of those biases on the hiring process and effectively leading their teams.   

Generations in the Workplace

Generations in the Workplace is a fun, engaging course that addresses the myths and truths around generations in your workplace.  The focus is to have to conversations about generational behaviors that occur in the workplace, why they occur and what the potential impacts are.    

Dynamic instructor! David knows how to engage the audience with this sensitive topic.
— Manager, communications company